Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hi, my name is Candy and I'm................a paper-a-holic

Oh, boy, the first step is acknowledging ones problem, right?  Those who know me best and have been in my craft room know this about me already.  In general, I am a lover and collector of all things pretty and necessary.  If I were not married I would have a serious problem, I would be on "THAT" show.  Yes, you know the show of which I speak, I shan't speak, write, or type its name, but YOU know as well as I.  I would probably also be a crazy cat lady.  Right now I have one beautiful cat, Ophelia.  She is a princess and does not tolerate other animals, particularly cats so I am a one cat house at the moment.  She is 15+ years old and will probably live forever so as to make sure that I have no other pets, no other sweet little animal (CAT) to love.  Nope, only her.  And I love her so!

But, I digress.  I believe I have more paper than I could EVER, EVER use in my lifetime,  I probably have far more paper than the law would allow if the law had such a silly law, a law of which I would surely and knowingly break, anyway!  I do use it, not as much as I should or could because more and more keep coming out that I just HAVE TO HAVE.  Yes, HAVE, not want,HAVE........ it is just so darn pretty!!!!  Ask my mom and she will tell you I have had a love affair with paper since I knew what paper was .  The smell, the textures, the words which can be written upon it.  I learned to read at 4, write at 5 and I also learned to collect things, too, most especially books and paper to write upon, go figure, right?!  I love books and reading, I love writing, and I have come to love scrapbooking and card making among many other facets of the paper crafting pastime.  I STILL love the smells and textures; these horribly enabling companies keep coming up with new types, glittery, embossed, shiny, textured this way and that, thick, thin, gorgeous patterns, marvelous colors, the list goes on, and I have them ALL!  My biggest penchant is for 6x6 paper pads.  Don't get me wrong, I love my 12x12 and have more than any human deems necessary, but for me, the 6x6 are more versatile. It has come to a point where Susie at Scrap Happy will order 6x6 pads of paper that she doesn't even carry in her store, because she knows I will want them, I will NEED them, and I will have them!  My friends think I am funny, my husband thinks I am insane, Susie, well she just likes that I spend the money, and my mom, if my MOM ever saw, she would flat out have me committed.  My grandma would understand, if she were alive, I am willing to bet she would be in my room with me making cards and loving my paper as much as I.  It is because of her that I love paper so much.  

I'm going out on a limb here, but I shall show you a couple pictures of my paper, JUST 6x6 and this is not even all of it, being that I am kinda in the process of trying to start moving.  I have a stack or two on my desk, even,  and I will not tell you where there are others hidden =O  Please don't try to count, I don't want a fixed number of what I have, ignorance is bliss, right?  You can also see at the bottom one of my shelves of 12x12 paper stacks.  I have all my 12x12 in collections in plastic holders, but I will share that another day.  I also forgot to mention, this is just patterned paper.  I have several files cabinets that I have organized my 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock, and several milk crates that I STILL need to organize of my 12x12 cardstock.

I am not sure if I feel better or more ashamed, lol, but now you know the rest of story!
Until next time,



  1. I am so very proud of you Candy. You have taken that first step. I love the new layout on the blog too.

  2. Oh yeah not to mention, they look pretty nice all stacked up like that......ummmm wonder how they got like that....

  3. If there is a group for paperholics.. I should join too. I look at your pictures and don't think "wow she's nuts" but I think "wow I'm jealous!" LOL :)

    1. Right? My husband has seriously contemplated initiating one! I am willing to bet there would be plenty of us, too! Thanks for stopping by, Kim!