Monday, January 6, 2014

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Newest Scrap Happy Design Team project featuring Authentique!

A little bit Lively 'round here with some more Authentique

It has been a very busy week for us on the Scrap Happy design team.  Can you tell, all these beautiful projects posted?!  Well, on this, the last day of the month, I am going to just barely squeeze in yet another project!  I shall make this a quicker than usual post as I am glued to the Olympics and the very handsome, scantily clad maleswimmers, ooh la la!  ;)

I put together a quick layout using Authentique's Lively.  I know, surprise, surprise Candy is using Authentique again.  What can I say, I am IN LOVE.  This line is very quirky and fun.  Phenomenal color combinations and fun patterns and perfect for late Summer.  I ADORE the wood grain paper which I used as the main paper in my layout, and it went perfectly with the picture I had chosen.  Little Sidney is the Niece of a great friend of mine and she is just absolutely adorable and this photo spoke to me, what a sweet look of pure contentment on her young face, and that was how the title came about.

I actually whipped this baby up in about 2 hours, my mojo was in full swing.  I got to use one of my favorite tools, the We R Memory Keepers Sew Ribbon.  I use this particular one so much I am going to have to get another one, my blades are dulling!  This one is the pink one, called "weave".  I used the pink twill ribbon in "Bubblegum" up the left side and across part of the top.  I actually made a boo boo, which is why I only went part way across.  But my mantra is "THERE ARE NO MISTAKES IN CRAFTING" so I took the opportunity and added some great Maya Road pleated twill ribbon in a great matching chartreuse color.  I liked it so well I added more on the bottom.  I wanted to make sure all the colors were balanced so I topped it with MORE great Maya Road trim in Hot Pink ric rac.  I don't use it often enough but I took my Tim Holtz  Tiny Attatcher and stapled it on for a more rustic look.  Well, more so because I didn't want to get my hot glue gun out, but I like the rustic look ;)  

As in my last layout using Authentique I used many of the alpha stickers and stickers in general.  They are just a great aspect of Authentique's lines, always a favorite of mine.  I used a lot of random stuff from my stash like the buttons and some hemp twine, but got them all at Scrap Happy.  Trust me 98% of everything crafty I own is from Scrap Happy and Susie LOVES me for it!
Since this layout isn't for me, it will ultimately be a gift for little Sidney's grandma and wife of the #1 Grampy in the picture ;) I didn't do any journaling so I left that blank, but what I did was make a pocket under the mat for the picture and put in a little journaling spot.  I used an adorable tab sticker from the sheet and it will pull-out and in.  It is functional AND adorable. These next photos are of the front and back of the journaling spot.

Well, that is it for now.   As always, everything used can be found at Scrap Happy.  This and my last layout for design team along with specifications for each will be on display starting this Friday.  

Have a Scrap Happy Day!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Authentique Fresh

Fresh as a blanket of new fallen snow.....

........well, not quite, but let me tell you with this heat we're having I almost wish for some snow!  But. not today, today we feature FRESH by Authentique!  Everyone pretty much knows that Authentique is one of my FAVORITE paper companies and they NEVER disappoint!  Fresh is no different, it stirs up memories of  long sunny days at the beach, of soft ocean waves, the sand beneath your toes, the excitement of finding a seashell,  and the bathing beauties of bygone days.  It marries a soft, relaxing aqua-y blue with bold reddish-orange and pretty grey to bring it all together.  

I have to be honest, it was a difficult line to work with.  As beautiful as it is I lean more towards vibrant colors, pinks, yellows, purples, reds, etc.,  and Fresh is much more low key........ but I LOVE a challenge!  I didn't feel it lended  itself well to cardmaking and I didn't really have any pictures I thought I could do with it, I was in a pickle.  The collection almost demands softly blurred photographs in sepia tones, anything else would just look misplaced and haphazard.......I had NOTHING!  But, as I was perusing Facebook one day a friend of mine posted a GORGEOUS picture of himself with his beautiful girlfriend at his family's lake house.  This was THE perfect picture, taken at sunset with a softly blurred background, the lake in the background, and featuring two lovely smiling faces and the perfect colors.  I wish I could take credit for taking this amazing picture, but alas, I cannot, I am not a good photographer, I would like to be, I appreciate good photography, there is just a disconnect between what I see in my head and how it turns out!  lol.  I can  take credit for the layout and I guess for knowing the subjects of the photo ;)  I emailed him immediately to get permission to use his photo, I mean, the balls had already started rollin' and I had the layout done in my head before he even said, "YES"!
Isn't this photo awesome??  I hope my layout does it justice.

I used two main papers from the collection.  The background paper is entitled "Light" and the mat & accent paper is entitled "Free".  I also used just a couple small pieces of the orange paper from the 6x6 pad. which I die cut using my Scrap Happy exclusive die, Flag Banner Trio.  I cut the waves with my LaLa Land Crafts Border Waves die, added several aqua and orange bling......other than that, everything else is from the collection's sticker sheet and alpha sheet.  That is something that is different for me, I don't use a lot of stickers in my layouts and cards, etc., but Authentique's sentiments and images are so unique and lovely and the quality of their sticker is second-to-none that I find myself using them more than any other, they just compliment beautifully.  That being said, I do find myself using Authentique's sticker sentiments and alphas in my other projects, as well. 

WAIT.....I almost forgot, I used my new Mister Huey's (sold in store) for the first time!  The colors of Sunset and Powder Blue were a PERFECT match to the collection!  I liked the look of a lot of open space on this layout because the photo is the star, but I wanted to balance the color better in that space so I unscrewed the cap and "flicked" the color on instead of spraying.  I also wanted a more random, less obvious look.  It also pulls the eye up to the top right corner where I put the "title" stickers.  I think it went together nicely and will be a nice little gift to give my friends.  It will be on display at the store starting next week, though ;)

Well, that's it for now, stay tuned for even more Design Team works of art and some sneak peeks from CHA and what's to come!

As always, have a Scrap Happy Day!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hi, my name is Candy and I'm................a paper-a-holic

Oh, boy, the first step is acknowledging ones problem, right?  Those who know me best and have been in my craft room know this about me already.  In general, I am a lover and collector of all things pretty and necessary.  If I were not married I would have a serious problem, I would be on "THAT" show.  Yes, you know the show of which I speak, I shan't speak, write, or type its name, but YOU know as well as I.  I would probably also be a crazy cat lady.  Right now I have one beautiful cat, Ophelia.  She is a princess and does not tolerate other animals, particularly cats so I am a one cat house at the moment.  She is 15+ years old and will probably live forever so as to make sure that I have no other pets, no other sweet little animal (CAT) to love.  Nope, only her.  And I love her so!

But, I digress.  I believe I have more paper than I could EVER, EVER use in my lifetime,  I probably have far more paper than the law would allow if the law had such a silly law, a law of which I would surely and knowingly break, anyway!  I do use it, not as much as I should or could because more and more keep coming out that I just HAVE TO HAVE.  Yes, HAVE, not want,HAVE........ it is just so darn pretty!!!!  Ask my mom and she will tell you I have had a love affair with paper since I knew what paper was .  The smell, the textures, the words which can be written upon it.  I learned to read at 4, write at 5 and I also learned to collect things, too, most especially books and paper to write upon, go figure, right?!  I love books and reading, I love writing, and I have come to love scrapbooking and card making among many other facets of the paper crafting pastime.  I STILL love the smells and textures; these horribly enabling companies keep coming up with new types, glittery, embossed, shiny, textured this way and that, thick, thin, gorgeous patterns, marvelous colors, the list goes on, and I have them ALL!  My biggest penchant is for 6x6 paper pads.  Don't get me wrong, I love my 12x12 and have more than any human deems necessary, but for me, the 6x6 are more versatile. It has come to a point where Susie at Scrap Happy will order 6x6 pads of paper that she doesn't even carry in her store, because she knows I will want them, I will NEED them, and I will have them!  My friends think I am funny, my husband thinks I am insane, Susie, well she just likes that I spend the money, and my mom, if my MOM ever saw, she would flat out have me committed.  My grandma would understand, if she were alive, I am willing to bet she would be in my room with me making cards and loving my paper as much as I.  It is because of her that I love paper so much.  

I'm going out on a limb here, but I shall show you a couple pictures of my paper, JUST 6x6 and this is not even all of it, being that I am kinda in the process of trying to start moving.  I have a stack or two on my desk, even,  and I will not tell you where there are others hidden =O  Please don't try to count, I don't want a fixed number of what I have, ignorance is bliss, right?  You can also see at the bottom one of my shelves of 12x12 paper stacks.  I have all my 12x12 in collections in plastic holders, but I will share that another day.  I also forgot to mention, this is just patterned paper.  I have several files cabinets that I have organized my 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock, and several milk crates that I STILL need to organize of my 12x12 cardstock.

I am not sure if I feel better or more ashamed, lol, but now you know the rest of story!
Until next time,


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Absence makes the heart grow fonder..........right?

Wow what a week is has been.  My DH and I closed on our new home and my mind has just been racing with all the fabulous things I can do with it.  My craft room will be almost twice the size as I have now and I am already planning scrappy slumber parties with my BFF's!!!  I have been making calls galore to utilities and inspectors and contractors, etc and can't wait to get settled in.

Aside from closing on the house and pinning like a madwoman, I have been trying to stay cool in this heat we  are having.  Thank Heavens for air conditioning and ice cream!!!!  Or ice cream and air conditioning?!  Anyway, I have been a busy little bee.  I whipped up my Scrap Happy design team project and did a couple cards for two of my NEW neighbors whom I have had the pleasure of meeting already.  Everyone seems so nice and friendly, so far, and quite happy to have someone moving in.  Lastly, I made a card for a friend because I just LOVE sending Happy Mail :)

These first four cards are my design team cards using Authentique Glory collection and some Scrap Happy stamps and dies.  I showed the envelopes on 3 of the cards because of Scrap Happy's soon to be released envelope liner die.  FANTASTIC!!!!  You can check out the specifics of these cards on the Scrap Happy blog!

The following two are the ones I made for my new neighbors.  I used the paper(Paper Cottage by Basic Grey) from my Simon Says Stamp July Kit, but I used some fitting stamps from CTMH and Stampin' Up where you can shop with my friends, Mindy & Marla, respectively.  The 2nd of the two also fulfilled my fun little challenge I have going on with my friends, Keisha and Mindy to use all our CTMH stamp sets and not use the same one twice.  I am a little behind on that, but, hey, I just bought a house!

 This is the card I made for my darling friend.  She just doesn't know it yet, probably tomorrow ;)  I used papers from Echo Park, their Hello Summer line from my Taylored Expressions Key Ingredients kit.  I also used the stamp set that Taylor had made especially for this paper collection.  It is so CUTE!  
That is all for this day, hope ya'll have a SUPER weekend and AMAZING Independence Day holiday if I can't blog before then!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thanks, Danielle (EcoScrapbook) for the love

Danielle, over that the ecoscrapbook, was so kind as to to award me the Liebster Blog award.
If this award is new to you, it's basically a way to grow our crafting community and let others know about smaller bloggers with less than 200 followers.  This is such an honor and a great springboard for those of us who are just starting out.  I am so excited to accept this and give Danielle the shout-out she deserves, what an inspiration she has been to me and the others whom she awarded.

As part of my acceptance of this award there are several steps I must take.....

If you chose to accept the award, the rules are as follows:

1. Thank the person who gave the award.
2. Link back to their blog.
3. Post the award onto your own blog.
4. Choose 5 new recipients with fewer than 200 followers.
5. Let each of them know about the award.

Well, steps 1-3 are done, now I must choose 5 of my own recommendations.  These lucky gals are as follows:

Keisha Hood at  Keisha and I randomly met by an innocent order I place with CTMH 2 years ago and we have been friends ever since.  She is a single mom to the sweetest little guy and has recently gotten back into this wacky world of crafting!

Cathy Mount at  I actually JUST met Cathy last week.  We are on the same Design Team over at  Scrap Happy ,  She is so cute and outgoing and just loves to make cards and she does some super cute stuff.

Becky Carafa at  I have never met her in person, but I have admired her work for a couple years now.  I randomly found her back when she was selling Ippity stamps and she is a fellow Ohioan.  Check her out.

Julie Emerine and her sister Michelle at  I met Julie years ago before she had her GORGEOUS family and awesome blog.  She and her sister do just about everything crafty, sewing, altering, baking, cooking.  I love following them!

And finally....

Ashley Rock at  She is another fellow Ohioan and is a very talented scrapbook layout designer who has also done work with us at Scrap Happy.

Okay, steps 4-5 are done.  I hope that everyone will check this very talented girls out, and give them the love they deserve.

Hugs, Candy

Monday, June 18, 2012

Keisha's CTMH stamp challenge-Day 1

Just a quick post this evening.  My friend, Keisha, over at has struck up a challenge.  She is one of many fabulous CTMH consultants and she would like to see us use all of our CTMH stamp sets at least once and make a card, layout, or altered item.  She would like us to just randomly pick a set out of our stash, no put backs, but I had a card I needed to make for my friend, Mindy's   daughter for her upcoming Birthday and I JUST literally got this stamp set today so I figured, just this once, I would cheat!  ;). 
I used Card Chatter Birthday's as my stamp set and also used the sentiment on the inside, too, but didn't take a pic of that before I sealed it up.  And  I know, I know, it is the same paper line I have been using, but I am SO in love with it!!!!  Hope ya'll enjoy, have a fantastic night!